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Platinum Zoysia Matrella


Platinum Zoysia Matrella is a very attractive feature lawn. Zoysia Matrella is a fine-textured turfgrass variety suitable for use in home lawns, domestic and recreational areas, and is a tough, hard-wearing grass. Zoysia Matrella has a very fine leaf and high shade tolerance. Until recently, Zoysia Matrella’s were primarily used in golf courses, but now their qualities have proven that they are perfect for home lawns and commercial applications. 

It requires less mowing, less fertiliser, less water and has a higher density than the other zoysia’s. Platinum Zoysia Matrella can be successfully installed all around Australia and make for a fantastic lawn both domestically and commercially. Zoysia is also renowned for its very low need for fertiliser throughout the year. For the average homeowner who wants the lowest maintenance lawn, with fertilising once (or perhaps twice) a year is often enough to keep this lawn looking good. And for those who want a more manicured style lawn then check this lawn out. Less fertiliser usage makes Zoysia a great choice for an environmentally responsible lawn.

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    Fine textured leaf

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    Bright green Colour

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    More Shade tolerant than couch

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    Low and slow growing

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    Requires little mowing & fertilizing

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    Salt Tolerant

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    Hard Wearing


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