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Platinum Zoysia Japonica


Zoysia Japonica originates and is native to the coastal grasslands of South East Asia. Zoysia Japonica’s have been introduced and are now used as a popular choice for home lawns and public areas around the world. Zoysia Japonica’s have a medium leaf texture, fair shade and wear tolerance and again are more suited to the warmer climates of Australia. If a medium blade grass is your preference, then go no further than Platinum Zoysia Japonica Grass. It is a hardy Zoysia and is well-adapted to tropical, sub-tropical and warm temperate climates in Australia.

One of the absolute best traits in favour of Platinum Zoysia Japonica is its slow growth rate. Slower growth equates to less lawn mowing than some other grasses.  So this means less time spent mowing the lawn, or a saving in lawn mowing fees when using a contractor for lawn care. Finally, less lawn mowing means far less carbon emissions from using the lawn mower.

This slower growth will also mean far less invading of the lawn into surrounding garden beds, which means less garden edging, and almost none of those big garden cleanups which require us to pull up or poison large amounts of grass from out of our gardens.

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    Medium leaf

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    Soft to touch

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    Low Maintenance

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    Excellent wear tolerance

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    Performs fairly well in shade

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    Requires less mowing

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    Relatively slow growth rate

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    Competes well with weed


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