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Empire Zoysia


Empire Zoysia: If a finer blade grass is your preference, then look no further than Empire Zoysia turf. Empire Zoysia has an eye-catching dark green colour that provides excellent wear and recovery and is a leading contender for regions with water restrictions and also has less maintenance. When choosing a back or front lawn, Empire Zoysia Turf’s characteristics of fine, soft leaf blades, less water and mowing make it an ideal choice above other grass varieties such as Couch and Buffalo. 

Known as the “E.Z. grass” (the Easy Grass). Empire turf has an established reputation and superior qualities that makes it a stand-out as one of the leading Zoysia’s in the competitive market.

Empire Zoysia is a grass with natural characteristics that allow it to handle Australia’s hot, dry climate. The low maintenance, hard wearing variety makes Empire Turf a popular preferred choice for new or renovating/ established family lawn owners.

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    Requires less mowing

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    Once established, Empire Zoysia is one of the most drought tolerant turf varieties due to its deep root and underground runner system

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    Requires less water and can be left unattended

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    Attractive dark green colour

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    Outstanding erosion prevention and control

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    Good for shady areas allowing it to grow in full sun with up to 30 – 50% shade.

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    Salt Tolerant

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    Grows well in clay and sandy soil areas

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    Loves the Coastal Regions due to its Salt Tolerance

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    Ideal for Residential Yards, Sloped Areas, Parks, Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Childcare Centres etc

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    Weed Resistant

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    Produces a low seed head


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