About AusGAP

AusGAP is an independent turf quality assurance business that operates under the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program (ITGAP) system and is the only authorised agent outside of the USA to be endorsed by the owned and governed by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association.

The program is a registered business and operates independently, under the business model that any turf producer is welcome to apply and gain AusGAP accreditation and certification.


Key objectives of the AusGAP program is to ensure quality assurance, genetic purity, uniformity of turfgrasses via its provided operational system which supports turf producers nationally, with the expectation to improve growers farm practices and quality of produced turf to ensure an exceptional product for the end user (home owner, turfgrass professional, etc.).

The AusGAP Turf Certification Program consists of five main components, that enable turf growers to produce the highest standards and quality in turf production for the end user and these are:

  1. Business and farm regulatory compliance
  2. Environmental stewardship
  3. Keeping turfgrass varieties genetic purity intact, free of weeds, pests and diseases
  4. Maximise levels of customer satisfaction
  5. Staff welfare and safety


Each grower under the AusGAP process has a stringent set of standards, procedures, and documents for specified turfgrass varieties. These standards and procedures require regular field inspections throughout the growing season, to identify the stated variety, foreign turfgrass varieties, off-types or contaminants and weeds within the field. Only turf harvested from these fields which uphold these strict inspection standards can be officially identified and sold as certified and must be supplied accompanied by an AusGAP Certified Certificate of Authenticity.

With the objective of maintaining genetic purity and freedom from contaminants, the certified turfgrass growers in our program adhere to rigid rules and procedures enforced by AusGAP representatives.

AusGAP inspectors examine all certified production fields before planting to make sure that no contaminating weeds or other turfgrass varieties are present. Once a prospective production field has passed inspection, certified turfgrass production fields are then planted with material from a foundation farm. All planting material can then be traced and documented to foundation production plots.